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Sunflower Butter Facts

Posted by Naturally Nutty on 6/23/2014

Who doesn’t like a sunny boost to the everyday grind? Organic sunflower butter offers exceptional flavor and significant health benefits.

If you haven’t tried organic sunflower butter yet, we encourage you to think outside the peanut for toast and baking. The taste of sunflower seed butter is delightfully mild and distinctive, but not overwhelming.

It is a wonderful seed to use for a spread. While sunflower seeds alone are delicious, they work well in combination with pepitas (pumpkin seeds), chocolate, or even vanilla and cinnamon.

But it’s more than just flavor that contributes to the popularity of organic sunflower butter. Aside from great taste, sunflower seeds are proof that good things come in small packages: these tiny seeds are absolutely loaded with nutritional value.

Here’s what you need to know about these seeds harvested from the bright yellow sunflowers:

·      They promote bone health as they contain magnesium and copper.

·      They battle cancer because they contain selenium that inhibits cell damage.

·      They help mitigate pain from arthritis and are restorative to skin damaged by UV rays and aging because they contain Vitamin E.

·      They help reduce inflammation of all kinds (joint pain, skin problems, ulcers) because they have plentiful antioxidants.

·      They can help with stress, anxiety, and migraines because the high level of magnesium is believed to calm and relax.

·      They protect the heart with good mono-saturated oleic acid to prevent the bad forms of cholesterol from building up in arteries.

·      They provide significant protein in small amounts (just 100 grams provide nearly 40% of recommended daily values).

·      They offer plenty of healthy amino acids that are important to growth in children.

·      They help moderate blood sugars with chlorogenic acid that boosts liver function.

·      They are an amazing source of folic acid, which is very important for pregnant women and those hoping to conceive as it is essential for DNA synthesis and is believed to help prevent neural defects.

·      They contain minerals essential to good health including calcium, iron, manganese, and zinc (as well as the magnesium and selenium mentioned).

Changes the way you look at those cheery blooms on sunflowers, doesn’t it? Best of all, organic sunflower butter makes harnessing the power of the sunflower seed easy. Not only is it a delectable spread for toast and sandwiches, but organic sunflower butter is also a great substitute in most recipes that call for peanut butter. You may never eat peanut butter cookies again after you try sunflower butter cookies. They are a delicious addition to home-baked breakfast bars and stir fries.