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Organic Sunflower Butter Smoothies

Posted by Naturally Nutty on 9/24/2014
Is it just us or when the mornings get darker later does it seem like breakfast is more rushed? Start your day right with organic sunflower butter smoothies that will give you energy quickly and easily.

Healthy Organic Almond Butter Cookies

Posted by Naturally Nutty on 9/24/2014
Just because you want to eat healthy doesn’t mean you can’t have any fun. There is no need to forgo snacking and dessert when you have organic almond butter in the pantry!

Organic Almond Butter - Sugar Free Low Glycemic Snack

Posted by Naturally Nutty on 9/23/2014
If you want a delicious low glycemic snack, we have one to recommend that is packed with flavor and health benefits: organic almond butter.

Peanut Butter Alternatives for Kids

Posted by Naturally Nutty on 9/22/2014
Parents today know that due to allergies peanut butter isn’t always safe for school lunches and preschool snacks, play dates, or potlucks. Everyone is searching for peanut butter alternatives that are healthy, protein-rich, and delicious.

Organic Almond Butter - Can it Help You Loose Weight?

Posted by Naturally Nutty on 9/22/2014
Organic almond butter might be your best ally in the battle of the bulge. What? Delicious, rich almond butter with its calorie count will help lose weight? Yes. That’s right.

Organic Almond Butter Health Benefits

Posted by Naturally Nutty on 9/20/2014
Watching your health? The list of benefits of almond butter is long! That’s right. Just a simple change like adding delicious almond butter to your diet can make a change in your overall health.

Flavored Almond Butter

Posted by Naturally Nutty on 9/19/2014
Bored of plain old nut butters? It’s Naturally Nutty to the rescue with organic almond butters that break away from ordinary with flavors as delicious as they are healthy!

Organic Sunflower Butter Recipes

Posted by Naturally Nutty on 9/19/2014
We know that organic sunflower butter is delicious as a spread for breads, crackers, or veggies. Are you ready to use it for baking as something different from almond or peanut butters?

Nut & Seed Butters = Athletic Fuel

Posted by Naturally Nutty on 7/19/2014
We know. Seed butters and organic all-natural peanut butter and organic almond butter are incredibly delicious. But for athletes, our seed and nut butters are also important body fuel!

Healthy Nut & Seed Butters Compared

Posted by Naturally Nutty on 7/19/2014
What is the healthiest of the seed butters or organic nut butters like almond butter? It depends what you are looking for, but if you are selective, you really can’t go wrong. If you buy artisanal seed and nut butters made from fine ingredients that are organically grown and GMO-free, you are on the right track for good health.

Best Ways to Eat Organic Almond Butter

Posted by Naturally Nutty on 7/18/2014
If you want to get creative in the kitchen, try some of our popular almond butters? Almond butter, for the uninitiated, is a delicious nut butter alternative to America’s ubiquitous peanut butter. This nice, thick spread offers a richer taste than peanut butter and blends well with sweet, savory, and neutral flavors.

Sunflower Butter Facts

Posted by Naturally Nutty on 6/23/2014
Who doesn’t like a sunny boost to the everyday grind? Organic sunflower butter offers exceptional flavor and significant health benefits.

Organic Peanut Butter Alternatives

Posted by Naturally Nutty on 6/22/2014
Make breakfast, lunch, and snacks more interesting with fresh and healthy peanut butter alternatives from Naturally Nutty.

Best Almond Butter

Posted by Naturally Nutty on 6/22/2014
If you're looking for the best almond butter, there are a few guidelines you can use to evaluate different products. You can look at the ingredients, the manufacturing process, the recipe, reviews and rewards and most importantly, the taste, to come to a final conclusion.

Advantages of Organic Almond Butter

Posted by Naturally Nutty on 6/20/2014
Almond butter is delicious, nutritious and versatile. Let’s look at the advantages of organic almond butter in relation to these three important food considerations - taste, nutrition and versatility.

The Natural Peanut Butter Difference

Posted by Naturally Nutty on 6/18/2014
Are all natural peanut butters made the same? No, they are not! How do you know? Read the ingredients list. You will want to leave it on the shelf if it contains any sort of oil. Once you start looking at labels, you will be surprised how many “all natural” brands add oil.

Pepita Butter

Posted by Naturally Nutty on 6/15/2014
What seed butter is as healthy as it is delicious? Pepita butter If you don’t know right off what pepitas are, don’t worry. You probably know them more commonly as pumpkin seeds.

Where to Find Organic Almond Butter

Posted by Naturally Nutty on 4/30/2014
Are you looking for organic almond butter? 
Once you taste the rich, slightly sweet taste of almond butter, you’re hooked. Easy to spread on a cracker or a banana or thinned to use as a base for a soup or sauce, organic almond butter is an incredibly popular and versatile alternative to that other nut butter you can easily find on every grocery shelf. 

Almond Butter vs. Butter

Posted by Naturally Nutty on 4/29/2014
Almond butter is a great alternative to peanut butter, and it’s an even greater alternative to common dairy butter. Almond butter is tastier, healthier, and since it doesn’t turn solid in the fridge, almond butter is actually easier to spread than butter.

Almond Butter Nutrition

Posted by Administrator on 2/27/2014
Almonds and organic almond butter are excellent sources of whole food nutrition and make a great addition to any type of food plan – vegan, vegetarian, paleo, low carb, 40/30/30, sugar-free, etc. You get the idea. In fact, almonds were probably the original “health nuts.”

Almond Butter Benefits for Skin

Posted by Administrator on 11/9/2013
For many years, skin care experts and product manufacturers have used almond oil as a treatment for dry skin. The moisturizing properties of the oil work particularly well for people with delicate or sensitive skin, making it a good choice for dry skin on your face or to relieve itching and soreness from rashes and other skin irritations. So if almond oil is good for your skin from the outside, can eating almonds and almond butter help your skin? Let's take a look and see why eating almond butter can be very beneficial for your skin.

Health Benefits of Almond Butter

Posted by Administrator on 11/8/2013
Almond butter has many benefits, but we have to begin by saying that it tastes great and is a delicious alternative to peanut butter. Whether you spread it on toast or slather it on an apple, banana or stalk of celery, you’ll be won over by organic almond butter’s sweet, rich flavor.

Peanut Butter vs Almond Butter

Posted by Administrator on 10/28/2013
To nut butter or not to nut butter? Well, that's a no brainer. The bigger question at hand, is what nut butter do you butter with when you butter with a nut butter?